Sonic and Tails in Silver.EXE

Haunted CD

The CD that Jose put into his Xbox360

Silver.EXE is a creepypasta about a 9 year old boy who suffers from heart attacks his name is Jose,  It was his birthday, who liked playing as Silver in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. He got Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 for his birthday, But he  was sad that he had to play as Sonic The Hedgehog first. So he played into the game and unlocked Silver he said "At last i can  finally play as Silver!!!!"

He was playing as Silver in  Wave Ocean he loved hacking the game  he always went nuts!  Making Silver have unlimted flying power it  was his dream!

One day he was playing  the game but Silver wans't there all was there was a Red cross on his  picture, he was playing single player mode and Silver was there playable. Silver said "Stop playing as me or you'll kill  me........" And the game started to flash with stange colors like sizure. Half of the time Silver's voice would be demonic or normal like "It's No UsE!!!"

So he stopped and played as Sonic the main character, Then he heard sceams then he said "What the heck!?!?!"

Then he turned of the Xbox 360 and  had to go to sleep in his king sized bed while eating some Corn chips thinking,"Is.... Silver...... Evil?????"


Silver when he was taken over by Mephiles The Dark

Then next morning he played as Silver again this time in Mephiles Phase 2  stage  then a loud noise played and he said " STOP STOP STOP THE NOISE I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE UGHHHH!!!"

Jose said "What's happening i don't understand!"  then Mephiles got Silver  and got his chest and throwed him into a burning fire. "What the heck is going on!!!!!!!!!"

Silver said "STOP STOP STOP HELP ME ME ME ME!!!!!"  Then  Jose saw a image with Silver with black eyes and red eyes. Mephiles said "You.... Will..... Die...... Mwhahahhahahaha!"

Jose said "Could Sonic.EXE done this.....?  Then Silver said "If you dont hurry up he'll catch you.... like...Tom and Kyle..." And then Silver.EXE laughed.  Jose ran fast as he could to his bedroom but it was locked,


Tails said "You gotta help us we are trapped in Silver's nightmare HELP US UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Silver.EXE Said "Mwhahahahaha!!!!!!!"

Jose's bedroom was unlocked and he ran into the bedroom and slept crying next day.

Everything was normal he didn't have the game Silver.EXE anymore

He was in the Hopsilpal because he had a heartattack Jose said "Uh..... Mum... Are... You... Here....

Jose's mum said "Yes sweetheart are you ok?"

Jose said "No.. i saw my fave video game character try and kill me and my bedroom was locked"

Jose's mum "Sweet Heart your bedroom wans't locked and  you never had the Video game called Sonic The Hedgehog 2006," Then  the nurse said "Jose i found this under your bed..."

Jose looked at the haunted cd... It said in black marker: Silver.EXE 

and then his mum gave him his Silver plushie and his mum said "Darling? Why are you crying?"

Jose said "Because Silver has blood on his eyes..."

Jose said " Oh my god.... *cry* "

So then his mum and Jose went home

and while mum was making lunch Jose went back and got the CD and played the game one more time untill a picture came up with the phase: "Stop it Stop it Stop it It kills... Stop it Stop it....."

While Silver crying begging for mercy at Sonic's knees.

Sonic said "Who cares you tried to kill Tails no one wants to help you, You loser"

Silver said "Why????? *cry*"

Jose said "Oh my god Sonic was so mean to Silver? How could this be?"

then Sonic turned around and then he started to walk slowy and slowy untill he came up to the screen and his smile... Holey moley i nearly pooped my self, and with the phase while he was smileing evily: You should'nt done that....Hehehehhehehehhehe...

Jose said "What..? Why is the game still working??"

So what Jose did he got the game disk and throwed it in the trash bin and his mum said "Lunchs ready"

Jose said "Oh my god what a creepypasta..."

So he never played as Silver the Hedgehog ever again....